...Soulful, sizeable, but, above all else, unique; that’s what makes Rhombus such a spectacular group on so many levels...

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RhombusRock Good writing session tonight. Another two new songs coming together!!!
Mar 16replyretweet
RhombusRock We had a brilliant time at Carpe Noctum: Rhombus, Gothzilla & The Black Riders Cult. Big thanks to Howard... https://t.co/LY9tDoFPJS
Feb 04replyretweet
RhombusRock Rehearsal this evening, sorting out the set for Carpe Noctum: Rhombus, Gothzilla & The Black Riders Cult Any requests????
Jan 26replyretweet
RhombusRock Rehearsing last night, we started by playing one of the new songs which had sounded pretty good last week. The... https://t.co/w2fkGoqMc1
Jan 20replyretweet
RhombusRock We're all gearing up for our return 'home' at the start of next month. There will be old songs, and more... https://t.co/iCc9gTYT8h
Jan 14replyretweet

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