...Soulful, sizeable, but, above all else, unique; that’s what makes Rhombus such a spectacular group on so many levels...

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RhombusRock @lythy09 @AzeemRafiq30 Great night at Headingley. Well done Adam and thanks for staying late to meet all the kids!
Aug 17replyretweet
RhombusRock Top notch rehearsal tonight getting the set ready for Leeds. Once the boiler had been stoked we achieved our... https://t.co/31X85OU8F1
Aug 02replyretweet
RhombusRock We're all looking forward to our next outing at home in Leeds on Saturday 19th August It's summer, which in... https://t.co/OcUo72EE4h
Jul 28replyretweet
RhombusRock Tonight's song writing/jam session went a bit reggae! Must be summer!!
Jul 20replyretweet
RhombusRock Our next gig. Playing with two great acts whom we've not played with in ages! https://t.co/NNaDznGJs4
Jun 30replyretweet

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