...Soulful, sizeable, but, above all else, unique; that’s what makes Rhombus such a spectacular group on so many levels...

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RhombusRock Our Lady Alix had a gig with her other band Last July on Saturday. And the peerless Gary Quarmby of Oh my Goth was… https://t.co/8YhNPH5fR3
Mar 04replyretweet
RhombusRock NEW DATE: Saturday July 27th - Headlining Day of the Goths 2019 in that there Leeds. A quality booking for a quali… https://t.co/35QWyxMkBE
Feb 01replyretweet
RhombusRock Happy new year and all that As we're feeling brave, here is a link to a recording of the debut performance of our… https://t.co/FTeLWaKdxP
Jan 08replyretweet
RhombusRock Thank you to everyone for another great night yesterday at The Fulford Arms. The Deadweek Spectacular III was the… https://t.co/K6HJazMVuF
Dec 30replyretweet
RhombusRock Belting rehearsal tonight. We've finished a very strong new song that we will debut in York on 29th. You're going… https://t.co/gpENx5YWcS
Dec 13replyretweet

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