Open The Sky

Written by: Music: E Grassby, Walker, Pringle, Lloyd; Lyrics: E Grassby, Lloyd, Pringle, C Grassby

‘Open The Sky’ is Rhombus’s follow up to their well received album of 2007, Remembrance Day. Since that time Rhombus have become established as one of the best live acts on the alternative circuit.

Building on Remembrance Day this album takes the band to a new level. Now with a settled line up bringing an additional song writer to the group, this album was written and produced by all four members together last year. The production is the best Rhombus have delivered, thanks in no small part to Stephen Carey (The Eden House) coming on board to handle the mixing duties.

The songs are lively, rich and mature but without losing the ‘pop sensibilities’ Rhombus songs are well known for. Rhombus have always known how to do catchy.

The group contribution sees a myriad of different styles and themes explored throughout the album with plenty of light and shade. The mixture of male and female vocals with some softer and heavier guitar work brings poignancy, power and passion in equal measure to what is set to be one of the most exciting releases of 2010.

Available to buy in the Rhombus Digital Music Store.